The Symphonicus Box


You will never have to worry about your background music again! Of course, we can tailor your needs to fit your budget! Our Symphonicus Music Box is completely self -sufficient! This means that your employees can spend 100% of their time catering to your guests needs.

Design High quality workmanship and design
Plug'n'Play Easy to use with Plug ‘N’ Play
Music Wide variety of music with over 30 genres
Music System restarts automatically in the event of a power outage
Music Large buffer for offline use in the case of internet outage
Music Wifi included

Our experience in the entertainment industry has shown us that without enthusiasm we only achieve average results. That said, our team of passionate and experienced music experts are there to help you in anyway they can!

Together with you, we’d like to offer your guests customized background music to work in concert with whatever ambient you’re trying to achieve. Such a harmony between ambience and music enhances the guest experience and creates an atmosphere enticing your guest to ultimately spend more time and money during their visit in your establishment.